Some of the many PLACES to VISIT: (all times are approximate driving time)

In Jaén Province:

  • Cuevas del Agua (water caves) & a shrine to the Virgin of Tiscar – 20 minutes (free).
  • Cazorla, this historic town has a Blues festival in July & its annual Feria in September – 45 minutes.
  • Baza, weekly market on a Wednesday and Cascamorras in September – 40 minutes
  • Baeza, famed for having some of the best-preserved examples of Italian Renaissance architecture in Spain, along with ……..
  • Úbeda, both being on the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites – 1 hour.

In Granada Province

  • Freila & Zújar with their access to Negratín embalse – 20 minutes (free).
  • Zújar thermal pool – 30 minutes (small charge).
  • Castril, a beautiful village with bars and a fabulous gorge walk – 35 minutes (free).
  • Baza, our nearest largish town with usual shops and restaurants. Home to Cascamorras, an amazing event held on 6th September – 40 minutes (free).
  • Guadix – with its beautiful cathedral, market on a Saturday and the “Barrio Troglodyte” where you will find the cave house museum. Take the tourist train (summer months) to the prominent places in the town – 55 minutes.
  • Granada city and the beautiful Alhambra Palace- 90 mins.

There’s a great tour you can do – and it can all be done from here in Hinojares
Have a read about this tour on the Guardian Website

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Úbeda & Baeza

Úbeda, only an hour away and a great place to visit.
Whatever you are interested in, I bet you’ll find it here.
History, shopping, food – Úbeda seems to have it all. .
Getting there takes you through gorgeous scenery and, one route, will take you past a train station that has popped right off the screen of a wild west film. .
Úbeda is an UNESCO World Heritage Site with so many beautiful buildings in the old part of town.

Baeza, UNESCO World Heritage Site, just over an hour away.
As you wander through the narrow streets you can easily forget you’re in the 21st century.
Sit and watch the world go by at a little bar, enjoy a refreshing drink and some tasty tapas.
Visit the cathedral, nominal charge, with its great views from the tower.
Not often you get so close to the bells themselves, be warned though, it’s rather noisy when they ring

Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada is a dramatic, rugged and extensive mountain range, the highest in Europe after the Alps. You’ll find torrential rivers, sheer-sided gorges, stony scree slopes, glacial lakes between snowy summits and, in the foothills of the Alpujarras, cultivated terraces of almond trees and vegetables.

Popular activities in the region include skiing, hiking, mountain biking and summer camps.
One can simply travel and discover its fauna and flora, see its lagoons and have an adventure in this vast area of land.

Find out more about the Sierra Nevada

Local Area

These are just some of the local places to visit. More information in our guide book in the house.

  • Castril – Pretty little town near the Embalse de Portillo. Nestled into the steep gorge.
  • Cazorla – is the entry point to the national park of the Sierras de Cazorla. Moorish Castle. Plus visit the castle at nearby La Iruela.
  • Fontanar – sleepy little hamlet with and amazing aqueduct which carries the canal across the valley.
  • Guadix – You can visit the Cathedral (1594); Take either the tourist train or horse drawn carriage tour around the town, including a stop in the Barrio Troglodyte area.
  • Jaen – Capital of Jaen province. Some interesting architecture including the cathedral and parador. Plus Santa Catalina Fortress
  • Pozo Alcon – nearest town with supermarkets, banks, shops and restaurants. Weekly open-air market every Monday.

Lakes & Mountains

There are 13 Embalses / Reservoirs in Jaen Province.
The nearest is Embalse de Bolera where you can go “wild” swimming and kayaking.

But just over the border in Granada Province is the Embalse de Negratin.
Located on the southern side of the lake you’ll find Playa de Freila – which has a stony beach.

Kayaking also available on the northern side of the lake at Club Deportivo Negratín.

Or take a trip to the thermal baths at Zújar.



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Some of the many PLACES to VISIT: (all times are approximate driving time) In Jaén Province: Cuevas del Agua (water caves) & a shrine to

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