About Us

Hi, we are Liz and Martin Rooker

Martin & I are a mature, but active couple who met online in 2008 – yes it does sometimes work.

We eventually ‘tied the knot’ in July 2015;
a totally joyous occasion held at my church, but extremely casual and great fun – the invite actually said “No suits allowed” – BBQ & party afterwards – it couldn’t have been a better day.
I arrived and we left the church on an unusual form of transport.

I, Liz, grew up in the hospitality business; my parents were publicans and I spent my life from the age of 2 or 3 till leaving home at 18½ living in pubs.

Feeding & looking after people, I think, is in my DNA. My dad had been a chef years ago, in the army & my mum was a very good cook and meticulous when it came to cleaning.

In my working life, I spent 12 years in the armed forces, taught in colleges and university, worked for local government and a couple of charities. There were other jobs in between, the usual waitress, bar staff, shop type of thing that you do when starting out or bringing up a family.

One other thing that I did in the UK was host French and Dutch students.

I was doing this before I met Martin, so he had to fit in with me, my son and our ‘little guests’, sometimes up to 4 of them at a time. His role was usually just picking them up in the evening and dropping them off in the morning, but getting used to having folk around was quite hard for him, but he was great. This is where he had a crash course in hospitality

Our Unexpected Family Member

Oh, I suppose I’d better mention our feline foster cat 😺, Maisie.


She was dropped off by her feral mother when she was only 3 weeks old, the only 1 of 3 kittens that survived.

We never wanted animals as we wanted the freedom to travel whenever we wanted.

However, fate had other ideas.

We love her to bits, especially when she curls up with one of us in the morning – yes, she is in the bedroom, often on the bed, but that’s better than it was, ‘cos she was often in the bed when she was a little younger.

She doesn’t do that very often now.

I know it’s naughty, but well, we love her

The Property

We have to go back, before we can go forward.

When Martin bought this property in 2003, it was totally uninhabitable, but he moved his family here and worked hard to get it in a suitable condition to live in.

Unfortunately, they didn’t stay here long and the house was once again left empty.

This picture is from 2012 before any work was done on the house.

Casa en la Plaza2012
Casa en la Plaza 2019

Since we came in 2009, for the 1st time together, many changes have taken place.

Thankfully Martin can do all the work himself, so this house is really a reflection of us.

He was a welder/fabricator prior to leaving UK, but has had, like most folk, a variety of other jobs, some were quite interesting, you’ll have to ask him when you visit – from boat building to dodging bombs.

This is how our home looks now in 2020 – ready to welcome you.

Our Values

We are both conscientious, apply high standards to our work and try to be honest and open with those we meet.

Now, having moved to Spain, we want to share this beautiful part of the country with travelers from all over the world.

We are lucky to have welcomed folk from Spain, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, USA & the Netherlands.

What do we like doing in our Down Time?
Well, we both love traveling & good food, need to do more of the former & maybe a little less of the latter.

But life is here to be enjoyed and this is even more a priority now as we realise how lucky we are.

Liz & Martin

Just a few Before and After Images